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This video shows an Instructional Design (ID) plan, created for a local carpentry company. It follows the Self-Efficacy Methodology and utilizes the Successive Approximation Model (SAM). It was created as part of my current studies with the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program at the American College of Education. 

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This video describes the process that I use when designing immersive learning for clients. The video showcases my process of designing immersive experiences. 

Immersive experiences can bring your products, customer service, or retail operations up a notch! Please contact me to get a quote for custom immersive experiences.

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Mobile Technologies Implementation Plan

The attached article will list a comprehensive implementation plan for utilizing mobile technologies in the workplace.

Weiyun Microlearning Infographic: How To Use Weiyun

Microlearning, or short lessons (10 minutes or less in length), often are "technology-based or technology-enhanced form of training" that can use videos, polls, or gamification to enhance learners' retention. (What Is Microlearning? | ATD, n.d.) In this microlearning session, learners are invited to view short video segments about how to download and use a file-sharing app called Weiyun. By using technology to deliver short, bite-sized bits of information, learners can start practicing their skills right away.


What is Microlearning? | ATD. (n.d.). Main. https://www.td.org/talent-development-glossary-terms/what-is-microlearning